Interviews with Experts Category

Welcome to the Aviation Expert Interviews category. Here I’ll post columns that are essentially discussions with the people in charge of making the aviation industry work: pilots, flight attendants, ground staff, ATC. Basically, this column will have interviews with anyone who works in the industry and would like to share their advice or experiences with aviation. If you’re a pilot, flight attendant, ground staff, ATC, or industry executive/manager that would like to share their story to the world, please send me an email at with the title EXPERT INTERVIEW and include what you do for your work. I want...Read more

Aviation Advice Category

Welcome to Aviation Advice, or AvAd! This is going to be my main column for SkyZach. When I fly, I often try to find the most straightforward and cost-effective route to my destination. I’ve flown transpac to expensive airports for under 1,000USD, flown with minimal connections for minimal flying time, and even can tell you how to find a great seat on the increasingly cramped economy section of a flight. I want this column to be a column related to your aviation questions, so if you have one, please send me an email at with the email title AvAd,...Read more

Armchair NTSB Category

Welcome to the Armchair NTSB Category! This category lists posts related to aviation incidents. I’m no expert on aviation safety by any bit, but I do read into the causes and patterns of aircraft accidents and incidents a lot. The posts here will be overviews of select incidents, feature plentiful links to reputable safety sources and my take as to what happened during the incidents. Please note again, this is an opinion column, and anyone quoting this column SHOULD include the sources that I quoted for the columns. I’ll only post on major incidents and ongoing issues with aviation safety,...Read more

Guest Flier Category

Welcome to the Guest Flier category of SkyZach! Here, I’ll have friends and guests post about their experiences flying, either on an airline, through a certain airport, or an experience they had that they’d want to share with the world! PLEASE NOTE this is a guest column, the views expressed by my Guest Fliers do not necessarily represent the views of myself. These opinions should be treated as opinions and should not be the only source of information you use when choosing an airline or air travel package. If you would like to be apart of this column, please send...Read more

Who am I?

Hello everyone, and welcome to my brand new aviation blog. In this blog, you’ll find posts related to my experiences and opinions as a frequent transpacific flier, interviews with professionals in the aviation industry, my take and opinion on trending topics, and guest posts by average joe fliers who want to share their experiences flying. My name is Zach Kuhn, and I’ve been around aviation for a fair portion of my life. My most crowning achievements related to aviation was writing my senior thesis on the differences between All Nippon Airways and Japan Airlines (and getting the top score on...Read more